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Keynote for Tuesday, August 13

"Back to School, Back to the Future"

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Hall Davidson
Director of Global Learning Initiatives

Discovery Education

Hall Davidson began teaching in 1971. He taught middle and high school English, mathematics, Spanish, and bilingual mathematics. Davidson has been on two college faculties teaching technology for teacher credential candidates. He left the classroom to teach math on television in Los Angeles on an Emmy-winning program and spent 20 years at Los Angeles area PBS stations teaching, leading staff development, championing content creation by students and teachers, and ultimately producing television series on education, technology, parenting, and theater. He frequently contributes articles to national education publications and co-authored TechWorks, an internationally distributed classroom technology kit and with a team founded Kitzu.org, a resource of free online kits to encourage project-based learning with media. He was elected to the board of Computer-Using Educators where he served for six years. For twelve years Davidson coordinated the nation¹s oldest student media festival, the California Student Media Festival, where he reviewed over a thousand student projects. He has keynoted major technology conferences and consulted for professional organizations and corporations and has been on advisory boards and committees for organizations as diverse as the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences and the California School Library Association. He has two children who attended Los Angeles public schools, one of whom graduated from UCSC and is preparing for graduate work in education at the University of Southern California. He was twice re-elected as site chairperson at the local elementary school where the categorical budget required his signature.

Hall Davidson joined Discovery Education in 2005 where he blogs, creates webinars, works in educational partnerships and serves as director of Global Learning Initiatives. He has spoken about technology and education to audiences around the world. In 2011, Davidson received the prestigious "Make IT Happen" award, an internationally recognized program from ISTE for educators and leaders in the field of educational technology integration in K­12 schools.

Keynote for Wednesday, August 14

Mike Belcher
Education Solutions Manager
Hewlett Packard Company

Mike Belcher is the Education Solutions Manager at Hewlett Packard and based in Houston Texas. Mike began his career at HP in 2007 as the Education Solutions Manager for the Americas Region helping develop, build and bring to market several key solutions including Education services, software and partner-driven products around “Real Life” program. Real Life solutions were designed to help schools use technology to prepare students for their future and help move from Teacher-centric to Student-centered learning In 2009 he transitioned to the worldwide Virtualized Education team in the Desktop Solutions Organization and helped develop Virtualized “Student-Centered, Personalized Learning” as well as the Digital Learning Framework including product management and market development of these new solutions; HP MultiSeat is the first fully licensed and supported PC sharing solution and initiated HP Classroom Manager www.hp.com/go/hpclassroommanager . He also developed HP SchoolCloud www.hp.com/go/schoolcloud , the nation’s first Private Cloud solution delivering a full instructional desktop on any internet connected device, designed specifically for Education from the ground up. In 2012, Mike took a new role in the HP Education Strategy team for the Americas, as a Subject Matter Expert and advocate for education needs with-in HP Prior to HP, Mike was the Sr. Product Planning Manager for Gateway, Inc, one of the nation’s largest technology companies. He was responsible for planning, developing and delivering Gateways technology-based learning solutions. Raised in Northern and Southern California, Mike now resides in Tomball, TX and is a member of ASTD and ISTE, sits on several State Educational Boards and is involved in Cloud and e-Learning initiatives as well as a speaker at multiple State and National events for the education market.