301: Blackboard 3
Facilitator: Dan Lucas, Blended Learning Specialist at the Blended Schools Network
Description: Adding Media to Your Blackboard Course- Images, Videos, and Sound
This session's content will be most useful for teachers employed by Blended Schools member schools, including Palisades, Quakertown, and Southern Lehigh.
Type of Session: Hands-on (bring a device)
Intended Participants: Teachers

302: 50 New Ways to Use Discovery
Facilitator: Matt Monjan, Discovery
Description:Discovery Education streaming. But did you know that you could also play video segments is one of the many ways you can use
access to Common Core lesson plans, an Interactive Atlas, STEM Connect,Theme Pages, 1,0000+ songs, 28,000+images, and more? During this session
we'll review the things that you can use beyond video. We'll also explorethe new student Board Builder and Center and
Classroom Manager. Learn how to integrate DE streaming in new, exciting ways to reach your 21st century student.
Type of Session: Hands-on, Direct Instruction (Bring a device.)
Intended Participants: Teachers, Administrators

303: Google Tools Slam!
Facilitator: Rich Kiker
Description: The number of free resources from Google grows everyday and the ways educators can leverage these solutions are many. Come take a tour of the latest and greatest from Google including Chrome labs, The World Wonders Project, Google Art Project, Google.org, WDYL, Think, Trends, and more!
Type of Session: Hands-on and direct instruction
Intended Participants: Everyone!
Location:186 - Presentation

304: Formative Assessment with Google Apps for Education
Facilitator: Chad Evans
Description: We will brainstorm ways to use the google apps for education to engage students in quick formative assessment to help us know what students know and can do.
Type of Session: Brief Tutorials and discussion
Intended Participants: Teachers

305: iPads 101
Facilitator: Diahann Snisky
Description:Are you looking for more ways to use your iPad? Take some time to learn about some of the features of the iPad you may not know exist and about some apps that can help you be more efficient and connected.
Presentation: iPads 101
Type of Session: Interactive - Bring your iPad
Intended Participants: Teachers

306: STEM Across all Content Areas - Part 1
Facilitator: Kirston Moore and Beth Roth, Bensalem School District
Description: In this 2 hour session participants will be challenged to create the next generation of innovative thinkers. Content in this presentation will center around critical thinking and problem solving. Participants will engage in hands-on activities that involve collaboration, creative thinking, communication, and team work. The instructors will present a brief description of STEM education: Science, Technology, Engineering and Math and participants will engage in conversation about how to integrate these disciplines. (The second hour of this session is 406.) Session is capped at 20 participants.
Type of Session: Hands-On
Intended Participants: Teachers, Administrators, Technology Staff

Activity 1:
Activity 2:


307: Global Education in Your Classroom
Facilitator: Joyce Parsons
Description:In this session, we'll explore the ways in which we can expose students to the world without leaving the classroom. I will talk briefly about why international perspectives and cross-cultural training should be a part of teaching all ages of students. I will then demonstrate online resources that are available to teachers across subject areas to make it possible to connect with people in different parts of the world and information on where to find good sources of international news for students of different ages. I hope that each participant in the session will walk away with an attainable way to bring global perspectives into his/her classroom.
Type of Session: Short presentation followed by brainstorming and goal-setting
Intended Participants: For anyone interested in making their students more prepared for the world!

308: Twitter for Professional Development
Facilitator: Emily Ascani
Description:In this session, learn how to use Twitter on a basic level to expand your personal learning network, personally AND professionally. Utilize Twitter to become more connected and expand your online resources.
Type of Session: Hands-On, Direct Instruction (Bring your device.)
Intended Participants: Teachers, Administrators, Technology Staff

309: iMovie OS X
Facilitator: David Nash
Description: Rediscover creative new ways to work with digital video using iMovie for Mac! iMovie incorporates many features designed specifically for education. In the classroom, over the internet, or as part of a dynamic presentation or podcast, iMovie offers exciting new digital content creation tools that are powerful, fun and easy to use. The focus on this session will highlight how iMovie can be used to to both deliver instructional via teacher created media or as an assessment tool by students.
Type of Session:You are welcome to follow along. Bring your own device.
Intended Participants: Teachers, Administrators, Technology Staff


310: Conversations around Common Core; K-5 RELA
Description:Join your colleagues in conversation about ELA Common Core. Talk about the shifts and how to address the CC standards! Share your challenges and successes.
Type of Session:Informal Discussion
Intended Participants:Teachers and Administrators

311: Come Talk and Share about Secondary Social Studies
Description:Join your colleagues in conversation about secondary social studies. Are you using DBQs to support common core ELA standards? Are you seeking ideas for where to access primary resources? Share ideas about current practices and challenges.
Type of Session:Informal Discussion
Intended Participants:Teachers and Administrators

312: Conversations Around Common Core: Grades 3-5 RELA
Facilitator: None
Description: Join your colleagues in conversation about Grades 3-5 Common Core RELA. Share ideas about current practices and challenges!
Type of Session: Informal Discussion
Intended Participants: Teachers and Administrators