101: Blackboard 1
Facilitator: Dan Lucas, Blended Learning Specialist at the Blended Schools Network
Description: Introduction to Blackboard, Blended Schools, and the Blended Schools curriculum
This session will be most useful to teachers who work for Blended Schools member schools, including Palisades, Quakertown, and Southern Lehigh.
Type of Session: Hands-on (bring a device)
Intended Participants: Teachers

102: 50 New Ways to Use Discovery
Facilitator: Matt Monjan, Discovery
Description:Discovery Education streaming. But did you know that you could also play video segments is one of the many ways you can use
access to Common Core lesson plans, an Interactive Atlas, STEM Connect,Theme Pages, 1,0000+ songs, 28,000+images, and more? During this session
we'll review the things that you can use beyond video. We'll also explorethe new student Board Builder and Center and
Classroom Manager. Learn how to integrate DE streaming in new, exciting ways to reach your 21st century student.
Type of Session: Hands-on, Direct Instruction (Bring a device.)
Intended Participants: Teachers, Administrators

103: Intel & K12: Technology update, what's new, & Free Educational Resources
Facilitator: Melanie Fekete, Intel & Diahann Snisky, Carbon Lehigh IU # 21
Description: Discussion of Free Professional Development & education resources available to K12 from Intel. We will also discuss how to sign up for facilitated on-line
courses (Intel Teach Elements) administered by IU #21. Course examples: Project based approaches, Assessment in a 21st century classroom & Thinking critically with data.
We will also review the upcoming product transtion to 4th Generation Intel Core platforms and things to consider when choosing devices for on-line testing & common core.
Type of Session: You are welcome to follow along, bring your own device
Intended Participants:Instructional technology

104: Google Sites for Beginners
Facilitator: Rich Kiker
Description: An introduction to using Google Sites as a free resource to build professional development tools, eportfolios, and more. Come learn the many ways publish to the web for administrators, teachers, and students!
Type of Session: Hands-on - please bring your device
Intended Participants: Teachers/Administrators (Beginners)

105: Edmodo
Facilitator: Shawn Storm, 6th Grade Teacher Quakertown Community School District
Description: Edmodo will make your life as a teacher easier! Edmodo is a safe, secure platform where teachers can engage their students and get them excited about learning. Edmodo allows you to connect with other teachers and resources, share ideas, make new connections, measure student growth, and can be personalized with apps. This session will help you learn the basics of Edmodo or, if you're experienced with Edmodo, master the intricacies of this FREE program.
Type of Session: Hands-on - please bring your device
Intended Participants: Teachers (beginners to advanced)

106:Social Media For Your Classroom
Facilitator: Charlotte Golden, CLIU 21
Description: "Do you want to reach your students where they are? Social Media can provide the solution. Come learn how to reinvent, renew and revitalize communication in your classroom, district and community. This session will highlight the processes and decisions needed to have an effective social media presence to easily and effectively connect your audiences. Session take-away includes Facebook & Twitter, Skype & Blogger for classroom use.
Type of Session: Hands-on, please bring your own device.
Intended Participants: Teachers/Administrators (Beginners)

107: SAMR Model and Technology Integration
Facilitator: Lynn Fuini-Hetten and Randy Ziegenfuss, Ed.D
Description:Participants will learn about Ruben Puentadura's Technology Integration Framework, the SAMR model. The model provides a framework for teachers and administrators to analyze lessons for level of technology integration. Does the technology allow for substitution, augmentation, modification, or redefinition of the instructional task?
Type of Session: Interactive, Bring your device
Intended Participants: Teachers and administrators

108: Enhance Your Feedback to Students with Screencasting
Facilitator: Evon Zundel, Bethlehem Area School District
Description:Learn how to provide individualized feedback to your students in video format using free or inexpensive tools! Participants can optionally bring a headset with microphone in order to create their own screencast.
Type of Session: Hands On - Bring a computer with Java enabled or be prepared to install a free program (Mac or Win).
Intended Participants: Teachers, Administrators, Technology Staff

109: GarageBand for OSX
Facilitator: David Nash
Type of Session: This session will go through the basics of using GarageBand for desktop music creation, movie soundtrack scoring, audio recording and podcasting. We will explore the audio editing features and sound effects that can be generated as well as looking at how students and teachers are using this powerful tool for classroom uses.
Type of Session: You are welcome to follow along. Bring your own device
Intended Participants: Teachers, Administrators, Technology Staff

110: Conversations around Common Core; K-5 Math
Facilitator: None
Description: Participants interested in this topic will meet together to conduct informal discussions and share resources related to the topic.
Type of Session: Informal Group Discussion
Intended Participants: Teachers, Administrators

111: Conversations around Read 180
Description: Join your colleagues in informal discussion and sharing about your Read 180 classroom and program.
Type of Session:Informal Group Discussion
Intended Participants: Teachers, Administrators

112: Diigo

Facilitator: Marlo Spritzer
Description: Want to go paperless but frustrated that you can't write on the internet? But wait, you can! Come explore Diigo. It's not just for bookmarking websites. With Diigo, you can also highlight and annotate any webpage with sticky notes. There is even a social component that you can use with your students!
Type of Session: You are welcome to follow along. Bring your own device.
Intended Participants: Teachers, Administrators.