401: Blackboard 4
Facilitator: Dan Lucas, Blended Learning Specialist at the Blended Schools Network
Description: Open-Ended Assignments, Rubrics, and Plagiarism Detection in Blackboard
The content of this session will apply in any Blackboard environment, including Blended Schools' Blackboard, another institution's Blackboard server, or Course Sites.
Type of Session: Hands-on (bring a device)
Intended Participants: Teachers

403: Come Talk about Managing 1:1 Classroom Environment
Facilitator: None
Description:Join your colleagues in conversation about classroom management in a 1:1 environment. Share ideas about current practices and challenges!
Type of Session: Informal Discussion
Intended Participants: Teachers and interested administrators

404: Screencasting (Using Screen-Cast-O-Matic)
Facilitator: Nicole Roeder, Cyber English Teacher, Quakertown Community School District
Description: This session will explore ways to use screen casting to capture students' meta-cognition, exploration of texts and self-editing. This flexible and free resource will provide you with a window into your students' thought processes. Teachers and students both gain a medium to communicate ideas in more than one dimension.
Type of Session: Bring your laptop and experiment with this valuable tool. Share your ideas about unique uses for this web tool.
Intended Participants: Teachers and interested stakeholders.
Backchannel: http://todaysmeet.com/SCBles13

405: Flipped Classroom Intermediate
Facilitator: John Venner, Flipped Classroom and Cyber Teacher Palisades Middle School
Description: If you have ever thought about flipping your classroom but don't know where to get started, or if you have experience with flipped classrooms and would like to work through some lingering issues stop by and we'll share. The session will start off with a definition of the flipped classroom and a brief overview of the advantages, some introductory videos produced by teachers that have flipped and will then move into some tools that are available to produce materials and assist with student motivation and accountability. We will also take a look at using differentiation, assessment and forms of communication outside of the classroom. You should be able to walk away from this session ready to flip your first class or bring new life to your already flipped classroom.
Type of Session: Informational and Hands-On
Intended Participants: Teachers

406: STEM Across all Content Areas - Part 2
Facilitator: Kirston Moore and Beth Roth, Bensalem School District
Description: In this 2 hour session participants will be challenged to create the next generation of innovative thinkers. Content in this presentation will center around critical thinking and problem solving. Participants will engage in hands-on activities that involve collaboration, creative thinking, communication, and team work. The instructors will present a brief description of STEM education: Science, Technology, Engineering and Math and participants will engage in conversation about how to integrate these disciplines. (The first hour is session 306.) Prerequisite: Participation in Session 306 - STEM Across all Content Areas - Part 1.
Type of Session: Hands-On
Intended Participants: Teachers, Administrators, Technology Staff

Activity 1:
Activity 2:


407: Global Education in Your Classroom
Facilitator: Joyce Parsons
Description:In this session, we'll explore the ways in which we can expose students to the world without leaving the classroom. I will talk briefly about why international perspectives and cross-cultural training should be a part of teaching all ages of students. I will then demonstrate online resources that are available to teachers across subject areas to make it possible to connect with people in different parts of the world and information on where to find good sources of international news for students of different ages. I hope that each participant in the session will walk away with an attainable way to bring global perspectives into his/her classroom.
Type of Session: Short presentation followed by brainstorming and goal-setting
Intended Participants: For anyone interested in making their students more prepared for the world outside their school.

408: Cyber Centers: Student Directed Learning Environments
Facilitator: Allison Stephens
Description: I just completed my first year facilitating a newly implemented cyber center at Palisades High School. Come learn about my struggles, successes, and discuss how students can benefit from cyber centers.
Type of Session: Informal discussion
Intended Participants:
This presentation will only serve as a guide for me to share my experiences. I am most interested in participant's feedback.

409: iMovie iOS:
Facilitator: David Nash
Description: Discover how iMovie for iOS provides not only the ability for video capture and but a full editing suite as well. When combined with an iOS device, users have a complete mobile video studio. Like iMovie for Mac, iMovie for iOS incorporates many features designed specifically for education, in a similar, easy to use, interface. In the classroom, over the internet, or as part of a dynamic presentation or podcast, iMovie offers exciting new digital content creation tools that are powerful, fun and easy to use.
Type of Session:You are welcome to follow along. Bring your own device.
Intended Participants: Teachers, Administrators, Technology Staff

410: Conversations around Common Core; 6-12 RELA
Description:Join your colleagues in conversations and sharing related to ELA Common Core. What types of activities will you use to increase text complexity? How will you address the six major shifts?
Type of Session:Informal Discussion
Intended Participants:Teachers/Administrators

411: Come Talk and Share about Elementary Social Studies
Description: Join your colleagues in conversations about teaching elementary social studies. How are you embedding the CC standards? What resources are you using? How do you use Discovery?
Type of Session:
Intended Participants:

412: iPad App Share
Description: Join your colleagues in sharing your favorite and most useful apps for learning and productivity for the iPad!
Type of Session: Informal Discussion
Intended Participants: Teachers/Administrators