701: Blackboard 3
Facilitator: Dan Lucas, Blended Learning Specialist at the Blended Schools Network
Description: Adding Media to Your Blackboard Course- Images, Videos, and Sound
This session's content will be most useful for teachers employed by Blended Schools member schools, including Palisades, Quakertown, and Southern Lehigh.
Type of Session: Hands-on (bring a device)
Intended Participants: Teachers

702: Google Tools Slam!
Facilitator: Rich Kiker
Description: The number of free resources from Google grows everyday and the ways educators can leverage these solutions are many. Come take a tour of the latest and greatest from Google including Chrome labs, The World Wonders Project, Google Art Project, Google.org, WDYL, Think, Trends, and more!
Type of Session: Hands-on and direct instruction
Intended Participants: Everyone!
Location:146 - Presentation

703: Formative Assessment with Google Apps
Facilitator: Chad Evans
Description: We will brainstorm ways to use the google apps for education to engage students in quick formative assessment to help us know what students know and can do.
Type of Session: Brief Tutorials and discussion
Intended Participants: Teachers

704: Common Core in Content Areas
Facilitator: Colleen Lennett
Description: This session will provide an overview of the Common Core Standards in ELA and Literacy in History/Social Studies, Science and Technical Subjects. The PA Common Core Standards include specific and separate standards for Reading and Writing in the content areas, and they make explicit that literacy is the purview of all educators. Audience members will learn how these standards are applied to the content areas and gain specific direction and resources to support the implementation of the standards in the content areas.
Type of Session:
Intended Participants:
Location:189 Presentation

705: Conversations about Flipped Classroom
Description:Join your colleagues to learn how other teachers and/or administrators are flipping classrooms, professional development, or faculty meetings? What are the benefits and challenges?
Type of Session:Informal Group Discussion
Intended Participants:Teachers/Administrators

706: Come talk and share about Elementary Math
Facilitator: None
Description: Join your colleagues in discussing instructional practice in Elementary Math. How are you meeting Common Core standards during instruction?
Type of Session:Group Discussion
Intended Participants: Teachers, Administrators

707: Professional Profiles in Facebook and LinkedIn
Facilitator: Charlotte Golden, CLIU 21
Description:This session will teach you how to make sure your profiles in Facebook and LinkedIn exhibit your professional life. Make sure you have appropriate privacy settings in Facebook and update your resume in LinkedIn to have a digital professional presence.
Type of Session: Interactive (Bring your devices).
Intended Participants: Teachers, Administrators

708: iTunes U
Facilitator: Rusty Clementoni
Description: Now it’s easier than ever to unleash the full potential of iPad in your classroom by creating your own courses in iTunes U. You get to share your ideas in a powerful new way, and your students get a rich, immersive learning experience using the iTunes U app for iPad. We will explore a course or two and will make sure your know how to apply to get your school district signed up for iTunes U.
Type of Session:You are welcome to follow along. Bring your own device.
Intended Participants: Teachers, Administrators, Technology Staff


709: Come Talk and Share about the Arts
Description: Join your colleagues in discussing instructional practice in the visual and performing arts. How are you meeting Common Core standards during instruction in the visual and performing arts? What unique challenges do you have as teachers of the arts?
Type of Session:Informal Discussion
Intended Participants:Teachers/Administrators