601: Blackboard 2
Facilitator: Dan Lucas, Blended Learning Specialist at the Blended Schools Network
Description: Structuring an Online Course and Adding Content
The content of this session will apply in any Blackboard environment, including Blended Schools' Blackboard, another institution's Blackboard server, or Course Sites.
Type of Session: Hands-on (bring a device)
Intended Participants: Teachers

602: Streamline with Evernote
Facilitator: Diahann Snisky, CLIU 21
Description:Do you have a repository of files, websites, and other digital resources that you use? In this workshop, we will talk about how to organize these items within Evernote so you can access them all wherever you have web access.
Type of Session: Direct Instruction/Hands-On (Bring your devices.)
Intended Participants:Teachers, Administrators, Technology Staff

603: Ubiquitous Computing- Friend, Fad, or Foe? What the research shows about RESULTS
Facilitator: Leah Christman, Superintendent, Southern Lehigh School District
Description: What does the research say about the value of technology in our classroom? How can educators make a positive difference in their student's futures by using this tool effectively? What factors influence educators in their decisions to use technology in their lessons? What barriers still exist for technology-rich student-centered learning? A review of the research literature will be shared and we will collectively explore answers to the questions posed.
Type of Session: Direct Instruction / Participatory Conversation
Intended Participants: Teachers, Administrators
Ubiquitous Computing: Friend, Fad or Foe?

604: Digital Data Collection for Special Education
Facilitator: Anthony Carty, Lead Teacher for Special Education, Quakertown Community School District
Description: Need to collect present levels of performance from the teaching staff? Ever wondered if there was a digital way to administer a transition survey? As the need to collect rich data increases the technology to do so exists now. Learn how to make good use of the time and technology you have been given to collect data for the special education students you case manage. Bring your devices and laptops to practice.
Type of Session: Direct Instruction/Hands-On (Bring your devices)
Intended Participants: Special Education Teachers and Administrators with Google Apps Access

605: Twitter for PD
Facilitator: Bekci Kelly, High School Librarian, Quakertown Community School District
Description: Tweets, hashtags and at-signs, oh my! If you've heard people talk about Twitter, and have maybe even tried it, but don't really "get it," then join me for a fun exploration of what Twitter can do to help you.
Type of Session: Part talk, part hands-on. We'll go over some Twitter basics, and then all take part in an inpromptu Twitter chat. You'll walk away from this session prepared to take part in some of the most engaging educational dialog that is happening in social media.
Intended Participants: Anyone interested in learning how Twitter can offer them professional development (as well as passion and excitement for their work!)

606: Go Mobile! Making Content and Student Creations Highly Accessible with ThingLink & FatUrl
Facilitator: Brenda Boyer, Kutztown Area School District
Description: Explore and experiment with two free apps, ThingLink and FatUrl. These two free apps are not only quick and easy to use, but offer fast alternatives for curating and sharing your content and students' work. Excellent for sharing content in an interesting way, capturing student reflections on the fly, promoting huge amounts of content, & more! Curation, mobility and authentic audience, all rolled into two great apps!
Type of Session: Demo & discussion, followed by exploration & play with these two apps (BYOD)
Intended Participants: All levels; anyone who would like an easy option for student visual literacy, authentic audience, and mobile capabilities.

607: Legal Considerations for Teachers with Social Media
Facilitator: Mark W. Cheramie Walz, Esq. - Sweet,Stevens,Katz & Williams LLP
Description: Overview of the primary legal considerations and issues teachers should be aware of when utilizing social media both in their professional and personal capacity. Specific topics to be addressed include First Amendment (Free Speech / Free Expression), interacting with students through social media, and copyright law.
Type of Session: Lecture w/ Q&A throughout
Intended Participants: Teachers, Administrators, Tech leaders

608: iTunesU
Facilitator: Rusty Clementoni
Description: Now it’s easier than ever to unleash the full potential of iPad in your classroom by creating your own courses in iTunes U. You get to share your ideas in a powerful new way, and your students get a rich, immersive learning experience using the iTunes U app for iPad. We will explore a course or two and will make sure your know how to apply to get your school district signed up for iTunes U.
Type of Session:You are welcome to follow along. Bring your own device.
Intended Participants: Teachers, Administrators, Technology Staff

609: EnVision Math
Facilitator: Pearson
Type of Session: Informal Discussion
Intended Participants: Teachers/Administrators